WOVO is a shop focused on lingerie and sex toys based in Milan Zona Tortona, a new district of creativity and experimentation and one of the most dynamic of the city. In the last fifteen years Zona Tortona has become an international area related to design and culture with exhibition halls, fashion companies headquartes, design studios and research centres.Wovo opened in October 2015 and quickly became the landmark for the young milanese creative scene.


In September 2016 Francesca met Frida Affer, who was about to open a Lingerie shop that would soon become a milestone in Milan: Wovo Store.

Francesca started to collaborate with the store, and from a few latex garments in the first months, she then produced more models suitable for everybody and every shape in harmony with the store ideal.

In a year Wovo latex by FBLD became the most wanted product in the city, affordable for all budget and ages, placing Wovo as one of the most favorite shopping destination in Milan.

Now FBLD+Wovo collection counts more than 30 different models in 25 colours and it’s available in all sizes, from petite to curvy.